Thursday, 24 July 2014

Introducing THE IONATOR

THE IONATOR is a water purification system that produces ozone and mineral ions, and eliminates the high exposure to toxic chemicals (by 80-90%) which results in a clear sparkling pool with soft mineral water that does not irritate eyes or skin and saves you on electricity!

When you install THE IONATOR automatic water purification system the results are as follows:
1                     Pool water pure enough to drink
2                     Your pool is cheaper to run, with chemical costs next to nothing, pump running costs right down, thus saving on electricity and reduces future long-term costs
3                     Your water will never turn green again, even after adverse weather, hot or cold!
4                     NO MORE ALGAE, therefore no more daily testing, dosing, or spending money on algaecides
5                     No allergy or irritation of skin or eyes.  No regular chemical use anymore, thus no more burning eyes or dry irritated skin
6                     You can safely backwash your pool water into your garden or on your lawn without doing damage as the pool water is soft and chemical free

7                     Always arrive home to a sparkling pool.

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Thank you